Lex Fitness

Personal Training /Gym Membership
Offering personalized individual personal training programs created specifically for your goals and fitness level
Free Daily Boot Camp Workouts!
Why choose Lex Fitness?
-College-educated exercise physiologist with decades of experience
-State of the art/clean facility
-Private personalized experience with programs built specifically for you
-Conveniently located at 332 North Ashland Ave
-In house physical therapy.

Schedule your free personal training consultation, or buy a gym membership! Call 859-396-1163

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Personal Training

Lex Fitness offers the absolute best personal training in Lexington.  We will ensure you have all the tools and guidance to reach your fitness goals.  You start with an initial consultation, which is free, to give us the information needed to make your personalized program.  To set up your initial consultation call 859-396-1163 today!

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Can’t make it to our boot camp class?  Come in and do it at your own convenience!  You’ll be given a different BCOD workout everyday. These workouts are included with your Gym Membership.  You must go through an orientation before you can begin your membership, so call 859-396-1163 to schedule that today!  Click the Gym Membership tab to learn more!

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Gym Memberships

Get access to our state of the art/clean facility at the times that are good for you! Open 24 hrs, its private, convenient, and has all the equipment you need to get that great workout.  This membership includes our BCOD (Boot Camp of the Day) workouts’  With a limited number of memberships being sold you don’t have to worry with the crowds of the larger gyms.  To set up an orientation call 859-396-1163 or to buy your membership click the membership tab from the menu.